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The introduction of stainless steel is not the only evolution to note.

 We can also see a column-wheel coated in red.

It has to be seen as unique watch in a classical context.

Why this Tudor Heritage Black Bay Bronze? Is it really necessary to introduce to you the Tudor Black Bay, a watch that certainly is the most hype accessible sports watch around? Since 2012, the Black Bay conquered the hearts of modern and vintage watch lovers, as it gathers the best of both world: a modern in-house movement (COSC-certified, Rolex-approved; not a bad pedigree), a superb quality of construction, a cool vintage design, inspired by 1950s and 1960s Submariner, but not too gimmick either.

Some want fancy wrist watches, some choose casual wrist watches.

To make a thin watch it;s only logical that you need a thin calibre and at just 2.

Not only the crown guards and different pushers are redesigned, but also the lugs, the bezel and the case back.

While vintage Daytona;s are already rare, the pre-Daytona reference 6238 is even more rare.

It was a super-lightweight tourbillon with a translucent green carbon nanotubes case nicknamed RM 59-01.

To have a complete understanding of what this superb chronograph is, check out the review that Evan wrote recently here.


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