See an Exhibition

See an Exhibition
Future Exhibitions and Workshops
MARCH 14 through MAY 9

Juried by Jason Bige Burnett

Gallery Talk(s):
Graphic Clay and Elements, Thurs. May 7, 6PM

Join us for a special treat as Mary Cloonan will lead guests through the galleries of Graphic Clay while discussing some of the work and answering questions that you might have. For those of you who are intrigued by not only clay, but also early archeology and the fundamentals of math – resident artist Ben Freund will talk about the work in his solo exhibition, Elements, inspired by the ancient text in Euclid’s Elements. We will also premiere a short video documentary about Ben and Elements that was created by Lumina Productions, a capstone project by senior students from Loyola University. Hope to see you there!

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In the Galleries:
*Ben Freund
*Artwork by Military Service Members

*A Revolution Unfolded

Baltimore, Maryland - March 5, 2015 - Baltimore Clayworks is proud to announce four amazing exhibitions in our galleries starting March 14 through May 9, with an opening reception Friday, March 13 from 6-8PM.

The main exhibition, GRAPHIC CLAY juried by Jason Bige Burnett, will highlight new developments and techniques in surface design of ceramic art and will showcase new talent as well as highlight known experts in the field. This vibrant and illustrative exhibition will include methods such as sgraffito, mishima, china paint, ceramic decals and print processes on clay.

Juried Artists: Stuart Asprey (OK),Claire Bresette (TX),  Kira Call (MA), Angela Carbone (TX), Amy Chase (KY), Jenny Rose Clay (IL), Allison Cochran (OH), David T. Collins/Luciana M. Lazzarino(GA), Patrick Coughlin (PA), Nicolas Darcourt (MN), Alice Drew (MA), Sydney Ewerth (AL), Mary Patricia Fretz (NY), Justin Gerace (CT), Mia Halton (MD), Kirsten Mae Heteji  (NJ), Carol Hurwitch (MD), Bradley Klem (AZ), Marina Kuchinski (IL), Paul Maloney (IN), E Clark Marshall (UT), Colleen McCall (NY), Lynne Molner (MD), Sara Morales-Morgan (PA), Emily Nickel (IN), Rick Nickel (VA), Gin O'Keefe (MO), Michael Poness (MD), Don Reynolds (CT), Michael Roche (MA), Susan Sidebottom (IN), Rebecca Sipper (GA), Greg Stahly (MI), Missy Steele (MD), David Stevens (OK), Shannon Sullivan (CA), Ian Thomas (PA), Kodi Thompson (FL), Kwok Pong Tso (MO), Stephanie Wilhelm (MD), Scott Ziegler (NC).

Invited Artists: Molly Anne Bishop (IL), Shae Bishop (NC), Jeremy Brooks (IL), Charlie Cummings (FL), Israel Davis (MI), Andrew Gilliatt (TX), Jeremy Kane (AK), Richard Peterson (OH), Justin Rothshank (IN), Kristin Schoonover (NC), Paul Andrew Wandless (IL), Adero Willard (MA), Liz Zlot Summerfield (NC). 
The Shooting of Michael Brown by Evan Smith 
Sculptural work by Clayworks' resident artist BEN FREUND will be featured in the Solo Gallery. Freund's work explores the sciences through the lens of the archeological.  Elements uses the forms of ancient artifacts as a contemplation of what cultures choose to immortalize.  Whereas these forms would have originally been used to commemorate the deeds of gods and kings, he uses them to preserve the foundations of math and science.   
Ben Freund 
On exhibition in the Community Arts Gallery is HEALING JOURNEYS: How Art Serves our Military. This exhibition, curated by Emily Kohlenstein, explores the crucial relationship between the healing power of art and members of the military. The result of an innovative partnership between the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) and the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center (WRNMMC), the multimedia exhibition features handmade paper and ceramics by Walter Reed staff, active duty service members and their families, and veterans.   
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Healing Journeys

The Shooting of Michael Brown by
 Evan Smith

In the Project Space,  Baltimore Clayworks, in partnership with the Urban Arts Leadership Program (UALP), presents an exhibition about representation, race and privilege. A REVOLUTION UNFOLDED, curated by Jennifer Gray, will initiate conversation on social and political issues that have emerged in the media within the last couple of years. This show will highlight issues on bias developed by mainstream media and ideologies that have been adopted consciously and unconsciously by artist.  
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During the A REVOLUTION UNFOLDED opening reception on Friday, February 13 from 6-8PM, free form performance based poetry will take place. Jalen Crawford will perform "Someday We'll All Be Free" by Donny Hathaway with the poem "America was Never America to Me" by Langston Hughes in the middle of the song. Sierra Upshaw is performing a revised version with modern references of the timely poem "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised" by Gil-Scott Heron. Khalid Yates will perform a piece inspired by this exhibition's premise  - how the media can cloud and misrepresent historical events.