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Shake it Baby!

Juried by Bryan Hopkins and Lisa Orr

2014 Cup Benefit

Sacred, Sallah Jenkins

August 16- September 27, 2014
Admission is free.

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Images left to right: CJ Niehaus, Judith Kornett, Shana Salaff

Baltimore, Maryland - August 8, 2014- Baltimore Clayworks is proud to announce our next exhibition, Shake it Baby! juried by Lisa Orr and Bryan Hopkins. See artists' interpretations of salt and pepper containers. An abundance of shakers cellars and other dispensers are on display. With such a variety of salts and peppers available today we are showcasing as many different ways of dispensing them. The exhibition runs August 16- September 27, 2014 with an opening reception on Saturday, August 16, from 6 to 8 pm. Admission is free.

As a flavor enhancer and preservative salt has held a place at the table for thousands of years. The spice trade lured ships across the oceans. The word salary is derived from salt and as it was once a rare and precious commodity and used as payment. Salt was a metaphor for love, for it boosts the taste but increases the thirst.

To reflect the importance of salt, receptacles and storage components were often made of gold and encrusted with gems. With reverence to its hallowed past, artist continue to make delivery systems for this now ubiquitous substance that most take for granted.Come and celebrate the artistry, ingenuity and functionality of salt and pepper shakers in our show "Shake it Baby!"

Featured artists:
Anne Bernard-Pattis (IL), A.Blair Clemo (VA), Chandra DeBuse (MN), Jessica Dubin (NY) Brice Dyer (FL), Camila Friedman-Gerlicz (NY), Yoshi Fujii (MD), Marian Haigh (TX), Janis Hughes (GA), Matt Hyleck (MD), Shawn Ireland (NC), Elizabeth Kendall (VA), Judith Kornett (MD), Lynda Ladwig (CO), Elizabeth Lockett (MD), JoAnna Mark (MA), Kate Maury (MN), Andrew McIntyre (NY), CJ Niehaus (IL), Shawn O'Connor (ME), Sarah Olson (WV), Veena Raghavan (VA), Shana Salaff (CO), Jody Selin (NY), Kala Stein (NY), Katie Susko (IL), Munemitsu Taguchi (PA), Adam and Melissa Yungbluth (FL)

Also on display in our Solo Gallery, 2014 CUP BENEFIT. In this show of over 100 drinking vessels, you will be able to vote on your favorite cup, -giving the artists who donated these pieces an opportunity to win their very own solo exhibition in 2015!  

We are also pleased to present Sacred, a solo exhibition by Sallah Jenkins. The exhibition is a collection of figurative sculptures and wall pieces that tell stories from various milestones of her life. The influence of Sallah’s African heritage played a significant role in her ceramic work, as it was instrumental in the progression of her artistic awakening. Sallah currently is a ceramics instructor at Baltimore Clayworks and is also participating in a short term residency here.