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Solo Cup Benefit Exhibition
August 11- September 1, 2012

Baltimore Clayworks is excited to announce that Craig Clifford is the winner of our first annual Solo Cup Benefit Exhibition

The top five artists, by vote (Facebook, e-mail and paper ballot) are:

Craig Clifford
Robert Lawarre
Mary O’Malley
Jack Rotar
Lora Rust
We wish to thank those who donated and voted. Many cups are still available for sale, including ones from our Top Five Finalists
Thank you for your support of Baltimore Clayworks!


View Cup Benefit Exhibition Online

All of the cups on display were generously donated to support our organization and programming. The artists donated them out of kindness, but it also provided an opportunity for them to win a Solo Exhibition in our gallery.

Please take the time to peruse and purchase a cup. All proceeds go directly into sustaining and growing our programs.

Thank you for exploring our online gallery, please tell your family, friends, co-workers and neighbors to do the same. Your purchases support and propel our programming in Baltimore and beyond!

A warm and hearty Thank You to all the artists who donated cups for our inaugural Cup Benefit Exhibition!  We truly appreciate the donations of such fabulous art and the encouragement for our organization. The response and support was overwhelming! Trying to fit all those cups in the gallery was quite the challenge.
It is lovely to see so many familiar “faces” in the show as well as having new artists to discover. We now have a splendid selection of artists to choose from for a 2013 Solo Show.

Baltimore Clayworks greatly appreciate generous contributions from: 
Hadi Abbas, Warren Anderson, Nicole Aquillano, Christian Bailey, Margaret Barber, Sue Baum, Hayne Bayless, Meredith Bird, Carmen Bond, Jessica Broad, Matt Burton, Tina Carroll, Craig Clifford, Mary Cloonan, Boyce Covert, James Davis, Jennifer DePaolo, Ashley Devitt, Susan Dewsnap, Michael Douglas, Jim Dugan, Gayle Erwin, Brooke Evans, Becca Floyd, Brett Freund, Anna Velkoff Freeman, Joshua Freeman, Yoshi Fujii, Janelle Gang, Jenny Gawronski, Tina Gebhart, Ernie Gentry, Ben Grazzini, Stephen Grimmer, Bianka Groves, Pat Halle, Lana Heckendorn, Stepanka Horalkova, Matt Hyleck, Mitch Iburg, Kyle Johns, Stephanie Kantor, Steve Kearns, Suzanne Kent, Marie Elaine Lanza, Robert Lawarre III, Jimmy Liu, Daryn Lowman, Peg Malloy, Shalya Marsh, Michael Martell, Paul McMullan, Shari McWilliam, Aby Milner, Lynne Molner, Jane Kelly Morais, Joyce Nagata, Megumi Naito, Kathryn Narrow, Lauren Nauman, Ted Neal, Brooke Noble, Marie Nye, Shawn O’Connor, Mary O’Mally, Casey Parkinson, Laura Peery, Mary Philpott, Noa Platt, Dana Riseberg, Leslie Rosdol, Audrey Rosulek, Jack Rotar, Justin Rothshank, Tanya Rudenjak, Lora Rust, Frank Saliani, Grace Sheece, Tim Sherman, Jeremy Sims, Collette Smith, Wesley Smith, Robbie Lee Spencer, Sally Anne Stahl, Katie Susko, Brian Taylor, William Tersteeg, Tom White, Pam Worthington, Adam Yungbluth