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Gift Certificates

Why not give them something that won’t end up in a closet, or tucked away in a drawer. Something that they don’t already have one, two or three of.

Be unpredictable...unexpected...knock their socks off!

The Gift of Clay will give your special someone the opportunity to enjoy a workshop or class where they will create, rejuvenate, and practice self-expression.

You’ll also be giving your friend or family member a gift that keeps on giving. The process of handling, molding and shaping of clay offers therapeutic benefits like releasing daily stress or mental relaxation. Classes also promote the development of new friendships with fellow students - which often last a lifetime.

So do something wonderful for that special person and give them The Gift of Clay. It can be redeemed for any class offered during our Summer, Spring, Fall or Winter semesters (or something from our galleries).

Purchase Gift Certificate

Gift Certificates

Starting at only $40, your gift certificate can be purchased in increments of fifty dollars. This gives you the flexibility of paying the majority of a class or a portion of it.

To aid you in deciding on the denomination, here is a sample of the duration and prices of our classes and workshops: