Meet the Artists

Meet the Artists
Resident Artists


  • Brett Freund
    Brett Freund

    joined the Baltimore Clayworks community as the Lormina Salter Fellowship artist for 2012-13.

  • Sarah House
    Sarah House

    Sarah joined Baltimore Clayworks as an instructor and is an Artist in Residence

    • Sonya Meeker
      Sonya Meeker

      Sonya has been a resident artist for over 8 years with Baltimore Clayworks

    • Tim Sherman
      Tim Sherman

      Tim joined Baltimore Clayworks in the summer of 2010 as an Artist in Residence. He also assists with the noborigama firings and teaches classes at Clayworks

  • Michelle Swafford
    Michelle Swafford

    Michelle came to Clayworks in 2010 as a visiting intern and subsequently became a resident artist in 2011.

  • Pamela Theis
    Pamela Theis

    Pamela became a resident artist at Baltimore Clayworks in the fall of 2007

  • Lars Westby
    Lars Westby

    Lars was a resident artist whose earthenware sculpture has been exhibited in prestigious galleries in the Baltimore area region and across the U.S. and Taiwan